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Surely you are already thinking about the arrival of good weather and what footwear to wear to complete your outfit. In that case, you should know that the best option is women's sandals and all the varieties we have in the Yokono catalog. We have a wide range of models among which you will find those that best suit you, your style, and the personality you want to convey to the world with your look, starting from your feet. If you want to know how to combine women's sandals, it's best to take a look at all the ones we offer on our website. The main thing you should know is that there are essentially three types: flat, platform, and wedge sandals. Once you choose the ones you like the most, you just have to check how they match with your clothes and come up with different looks to enjoy when the good weather arrives. It's all about having fun starting from the feet. Flat sandals are a good choice for daily wear both for their style and comfort. Currently, we have exclusive models like Rodas or Chipre, linked to the ankle with a closure, or also the Oasis flats, lightweight and ideal for combining with bright colors and a casual style. The advantage of this type of women's sandals is that there is a wide range to choose from in the Yokono catalog, so you can find those pairs you like the most, the most comfortable, and the ones that best reflect your desire to enjoy. On the other hand, wedge sandals are also comfortable and are more directed towards a bold and different look, perfect for special occasions when the good weather reigns. They are shoes that incorporate heels but, thanks to their design and structure, do not cause any discomfort if worn for a long period of time. Additionally, we have models in various colors or even with animal print options. Our main goal is for you to find those that enhance your figure the most, your style, and that you can walk in all day. Meanwhile, platform sandals for women combine elegance and an informal character. If you are looking for the perfect pair for special occasions as well as for your daily life, this is the right choice. We're talking about models that have a slight elevation thanks to a thick base that doesn't interfere with comfort: they are perfect for walking and very comfortable thanks to the padded sole. In our catalog, you will be surprised by the Creta or Gandia models, with proposals with ankle ties or without them. To find women's sandals near you, the answer is Yokono. Why? Because we have a wide range of models. In our catalog, you can find perfect pairs for walking, for attending a special event or celebration, as well as for combining with all kinds of styles to enjoy an improvised plan. Our proposals are designed for you to enjoy exclusive comfort and have the certainty of wearing shoes made with care and that suit you. Only then do we know that we fulfill our duty and achieve success: by achieving your satisfaction with every step you take. Also, it is important to note that all our women's sandals are made in Spain. We bet on national raw materials to create models of the highest quality, comfortable, and beautiful. They are the sandals you will never want to take off! If you are thinking of renewing your wardrobe and shoe collection for spring-summer 2024, we have the solution for you. The new Yokono catalog is ready for you to immerse yourself in it and get the pairs you like the most, those that will make you shine from your feet with every step you take. And what about heel sandals? The epitome of elegance to mark your path with every step. In the same line, you can find platform sandals in our catalog, the perfect option to leave a mark on your walks. Every option from Yokono is designed for you to find those sandals that suit you and give that final touch to your look. Even though it may seem distant, good weather is approaching faster than you think, and it's better to be prepared to dress and wear your best attire. It will be time to go out, to enjoy, to have fun with those plans you have pending with your loved ones. It will always be better if you do it enjoying the journey, and for that, your best option is to wear comfortable, elegant women's sandals from Yokono, designed for you. What else do you need? Get ready, the time is now. Explore all our models, find the color or combination that suits you, your character, your style. Get the pairs that will take you on any adventure you propose. At Yokono, we put all our efforts and dedication into making the highest quality and most comfortable footwear you can find, for any season of the year. Now is your chance: we want to be with you at every step you take!