HEEL SANDALS Among the most sought-after footwear from Yokono are always the heel sandals, closely followed by our unmistakable flat sandals. Every year, for more than three decades, we have endeavored to renew the footwear we manufacture in Spain, always prioritizing your comfort. So, you can be sure that you will find the comfortable heel sandals you are looking for at Yokono. We firmly believe that it is possible to combine comfort and style and to adapt your sandals to all your looks. This season, we have opted for basic colors to make it easier for you to create countless combinations. Whether you decide to pair them with leggings, flared skirts, printed jumpsuits, mini skirts, or shorts, you surely already have in mind which bag you will carry to complement your look. The heel sandals for women that you desire are available now on our online store Yokono.es so you can purchase them right away. Additionally, you can also find our products at your nearest store. The temptations of summer have already begun, and we know it will be hard to resist the temptation to renew your shoe wardrobe. At Yokono, we also manufacture sandals for girls! COMFORTABLE HEEL SANDALS: WE HAVE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR This spring-summer season 2024 is full of innovations so you can get even more comfortable heel sandals. Thanks to our extensive experience in shoe manufacturing since 1981 in Spain, this year we have opted for an essential renovation. We have incorporated a new cushioning system on the sole to make every step even more comfortable. Remember that we use the best materials to guarantee every step, and our soles are made of rubber. There will be no path or destination that you cannot handle. A heel for every moment! We know you love to look flawless and comfortable all day long. Our sandals for women adapt to all situations. In the morning, you will put on your comfortable Yokono heels to go to work or to have breakfast at your favorite café. And you won't take them off until you get home after a day full of exciting plans, including that special date. Are you also familiar with our collection of wedge sandals? YOKONO HEEL SANDALS Start your summer outfits by choosing comfortable heel sandals! How about combining heel sandals with a shirt dress? Or with shorts? We take care to select the best materials and create models with designs according to the latest trends. You just have to choose the right moment: for a festival, the beach, the countryside, the city... They adapt to all your plans, no matter where. We believe that our appearance defines us, so we want to help you feel safe, comfortable, and confident. Now is the perfect time to have a variety of basic sandal models in your wardrobe. If you are afraid to wear heels all day, it is because you have not tried our comfortable heel sandals yet. You will love them! If you prefer something flatter, try our platform sandals.