In a story that merges two different worlds, two independent women fall in love, each carrying the essence of her freedom and determination through her Yokono shoes. One, immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city, and the other, connected to the serenity of the village, find a love that celebrates their individualities as they walk together, leaving unique footprints and sharing the comfort of their Yokono on this beautiful journey.

Enter this exciting story starring two wonderful women. Each with her own personality, tastes and interests.


Among Urban Footprints

She doesn't just wear boots, she carries with her a declaration of independence. With each step, her footwear not only protects her from the asphalt, but is also a symbol of her inner strength and her ability to face the world with grace and resilience.


With a firm step

Her boots, worn by rural roads, are silent witnesses of her journeys through nature and village squares. Each mark on the boots tells the story of a woman who embraces autonomy and finds beauty in the simplicity of community life.

In this setting where city and country met in harmony, the women found complementarity in their differences. Their Yokono, marked by urban and rural roads, symbolized the union of two worlds, two independent lives converging in a love that celebrated diversity and deep connection.