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WEDGE SANDALS Wedge sandals are that essential accessory you slip into in the morning and don't want to take off all day. We've created a variety of wedge sandal styles to ensure you have an option for every occasion: wedge sandals in various colors, animal print, innovative materials, cheerful tones, perfect combinations... Always prioritizing comfort! Both on our website and at your nearest shoe store, you'll discover a wide range of women's sandals: flat sandals, high-heel sandals, and our entire spring-summer collection 2024. Did you know that you can dress the whole family with just one click? Explore options for children's sandals and men's sandals. WOMEN'S WEDGE SHOES Additionally, this spring-summer season 2024, we bring you the latest trends in women's footwear and have renewed the classics, giving them extra comfort thanks to the new padded insole. If you have a favorite model, this year you can refresh your wardrobe with color variations and even more comfortable options. Pair your wedge sandals with a midi dress, your favorite Ibiza-style skirt, or skinny jeans. We've specially designed for you the black wedge sandals that you love to have as an essential piece in your closet every summer. Want to add a pop of color to your feet? We suggest wedge shoes with animal print or in vibrant tones like red or turquoise sandals. Did you know that Yokono also manufactures girls' sandals? BLACK WEDGE SANDALS As always, we want you to be the first to discover and enjoy the trends of this spring-summer season 2024: Black wedge sandals are your ideal companions. Wedge sandals are always a hit when the good weather approaches. The right height of the wedge allows you to walk comfortably, highlighting your figure and adding a distinctive touch to your looks. Height and stability are two elements that merge in this type of footwear. The Velcro closure or buckle allows you to adjust them perfectly to your foot, and we assure you they'll look fabulous with that voluminous skirt you're eager to debut. LIGHTWEIGHT WEDGE SANDALS: MADE FOR YOU Our wedge sandals are crafted from cork to achieve maximum lightness, ensuring a firm and secure step with every stride you take. We assure you they're lightweight, comfortable, and your best allies every summer. You're surely already envisioning your next outfit! Are you more a fan of wedge sandals or flat sandals? You can purchase your next summer sandals through our website Yokono.es or at your nearest shoe store. WEDGE SHOES The two most searched words on our website are: wedge shoes. We specialize in having you wear comfortable sandals every day, and that's why the wedge sandals we make for you are the type of shoes you want to buy online. Leave a mark every season with our women's sandals. We hope you enjoy the experience of wearing style and comfort that Yokono offers you! Get ready for a summer full of comfort and style with our sandals!