Legal Notice


The General Purchasing Terms and Conditions specified below (hereinafter the “GPTC”) describe the operation of the online retail shop containing items of the YOKONO brand for the corresponding service available at the “yokono.es” website.

Using the services or purchasing the products available at yokono.es implies the express acceptance of the following general terms and conditions:

Identification information and contact details of the service provider

The GPTC regulate the sale of the products at the “http://yokono.es” website or the online shop established by the company YOKONO, S.L. with the following identification information:

Details of the owner of the “http://yokono.es” website
Name: YOKONO, S.L.
Address: Calle Severo Ochoa 8, Parque Empresarial Elche - 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain
Registered in the Companies House of the Alicante Province, Sheet A-138242, Volume 3744, Page 144, 1st record, and the Yokono tax ID number is B-54756747
Contact details: Phone number: +34 965 43 56 99 – Fax +34 965 43 56 98
E-mail: [email protected]

Using the services or purchasing the products available at “yokono.es” implies the express acceptance of the general terms and conditions that appear below and that apply in conjunction with the terms and conditions for visiting and using the “www.yokono.es” website that the customer may read in the “Legal Notice” of the aforementioned portal.

General purchasing terms and conditions and their acceptance

The user states that they are of legal age (18 or older) and that they have the legal capacity for making purchases. The user fully accepts the terms and conditions that are aligned with the legislation in force in order to use this website and purchase the products that are sold in it.

Entering or using the Online Shop, or purchasing products from it, implies the user’s full acceptance, without reservations, of the General Terms and Conditions that YOKONO, S.L. has published at the moment that the user enters the Online Shop.

All orders placed with the Online Shop adhere to the general terms and conditions that apply on the date of the order.

If any of the clauses included in these general terms and conditions are ruled to be completely or partially void, this invalidity will only affect the clause in question or the affected portion, and therefore will not be applied. This document may be printed and stored by customers.


Prior notice issued by the online shop

The services of the online shop are destined for end consumers, in the sense defined by the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November on the Law for Consumers and Users. As a result, wholesalers, distributors, purchasing groups, department stores or other intermediaries of the footwear industry are excluded from these services.

In consideration of the above, it is prohibited to resell the products that are purchased from the online shop.


1.1. The information contained in these General Terms and Conditions and the details available in the Online Shop do not explicitly represent an offer to sell. An offer to buy does not entail a completed transaction until YOKONO, S.L. accepts the request. If the buyer’s account is charged and the offer to buy is not accepted, the full amount will be reimbursed to the buyer.

1.2. Only the products listed in the shipment confirmation are included in the contract. There will be no obligation to fulfil the order until the sale is confirmed by YOKONO, S.L. By placing an order, the buyer accepts these General Terms and Conditions as well as the prices of the items available in the Online Shop.

Orders must be placed in one of the following manners:

A/- By completing the registration form that appears in the website and following the steps that are indicated.

B/- By sending an e-mail to [email protected], specifying the buyer’s personal details, address and phone number.

Buyers must always complete a form to obtain the necessary information so the order may be recorded and shipped, and also accept the Privacy Policy as well as the General Purchasing Terms and Conditions of the online shop.

Once the form has been filled out or the e-mail message has been received, the customer will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt in the form of a confirmation e-mail containing the order number and all the information related to the sale: product, price, taxes and shipping costs (if applicable). The customer can check the order status by clicking on the My Account link.

The customer can cancel an order by contacting YOKONO, S.L. via e-mail, phone or the online form. To complete the cancellation process, the customer must specify the person/company that placed the order along with the corresponding order number and order date. The order will be cancelled as long as it has not been shipped.


Shipping is free for orders over €49.90 to the Iberian Peninsula.

We do not ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.


When placing an order, the customer may choose a payment method from the following options:

Credit Card

Payments can be made using a credit or debit card. To fully guarantee the security of the financial transactions carried out with YOKONO, S.L., we have a number of security and encryption controls (SSL) in place in order to comply with the usage protocols of Verified by Visa and VeriSign. To make purchases using 3D SECURE, the customer must request the corresponding security code from their bank which they will then be asked to enter directly before the card is charged in order to authorize the transaction. Customers’ credit card information is never stored in YOKONO, S.L. databases.

Bank transfer

The order amount must be deposited into the bank account number ES81 2100 8625 1302 0004 7317.

Until the bank transfer is confirmed, YOKONO, S.L. will continue to own the items that have been ordered and can therefore refuse to deliver or confirm the order of a buyer who has not paid the full or partial amount of the order in question or of a previous order, or if there is a claim of any type in progress, until the matter is resolved.


The customer may choose to pay using the PayPal secure payment system through their user account or a credit card. These transactions are processed through a secure PayPal gateway.


When placing an order, the buyer must specify the delivery address. If the buyer is not present when delivery is attempted, a delivery notification will be left in their letterbox. YOKONO, S.L. will not be liable for a delivery that is sent to an incorrect address if the error is due to the information provided by the buyer.

Apart from what is stated in the availability section of each product, and except in the case of force majeure or simply by chance and beyond the control of YOKONO, S.L., orders will be delivered to the buyer within the time frame that appears in the corresponding shipment confirmation or, if a delivery date is not specified, within the maximum time frame of 15 business days as of the confirmation date. For these general terms and conditions, “business days” are Monday through Friday, except bank holidays.

If YOKONO, S.L. is unable to meet the expected delivery time, the buyer will be informed accordingly and they may choose to continue with the purchase with a new delivery date or cancel the order and receive a refund for the amount paid.

If after two failed attempts it is not possible to deliver the order at the address specified by the buyer, the order will be kept at the courier’s facility for 30 days and the buyer must contact YOKONO, S.L. via e-mail at [email protected] to arrange a new delivery attempt. If after this period the buyer has not contacted YOKONO, S.L. to pick up the order, the sale will be considered void and the contract will be terminated. As a result, YOKONO, S.L. will reimburse the amount paid to the buyer within 30 days of the termination date.

YOKONO, S.L. will not be liable for delays to deliveries caused by force majeure or due to strikes that affect the shipping/delivery services.

In addition, YOKONO, S.L. will not be liable for incidents or damage linked to using the Internet that are beyond its control.


The products that appear in the online shop comply with the same quality and warranty requirements as the items sold in establishments that are open to the general public.

All the items sold by YOKONO, S.L. are covered by a warranty for the maximum period required by law. The warranty begins on the date the product is delivered and remains valid as long as the product is used under normal conditions.

Termination: The user has the right to terminate this contract within a period of 14 calendar days without justification. The termination period will end after 14 calendar days as of when the buyer or an authorised third party, other than the courier, took possession of the product.

To exercise their right to termination, the user must inform YOKONO S.L., Calle Severo Ochoa 8, Parque Empresarial Elche, 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain; Phone: +34 965 43 56 99 – Fax +34 965 43 56 98, e-mail: [email protected], of their decision to terminate the contract by means of an unambiguous statement (for example, a letter sent via post, fax or e-mail).

The buyer may also fill out the termination form** that appears at the end of this section or any other unambiguous statement and send it to our e-mail: [email protected] If this option is used, the buyer will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt without delay via a durable medium (for example, e-mail).

To comply with the termination period, the corresponding notification must be sent before the end of the termination period. Returns will only be accepted if the product is in the original packaging.

Consequences of termination: If the termination is initiated by the user, all the payments will be reimbursed without inappropriate delays and always within 14 calendar days as of when the seller is notified of the buyer’s decision to terminate the contract. The payment will be reimbursed through the same payment method used for the initial transaction unless expressly stated otherwise by the user. The buyer will never incur any charges resulting from the refund. In the case of a sales contract in which the user has not offered to pick up the products due to termination, YOKONO may delay the refund until the products are received or until the user has provided proof that the items have been returned, depending on the condition that is met first.

The user must return or directly deliver the products to YOKONO S.L., Calle Severo Ochoa 8, Parque Empresarial Elche, 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain; Phone: +34 965 43 56 99 – Fax +34 965 43 56 98; and e-mail: [email protected], without inappropriate delays and always within 14 calendar days as of when the seller is notified of the buyer’s decision to terminate the contract. The time limit will be met if the products are returned before the end of this period. The user must pay the direct cost of returning the products.

Termination form

You should only fill out and submit this form if you would like to terminate the contract.

To the attention of: Yokono, Calle Severo Ochoa 8, Parque Empresarial Elche, 03203 Elche (Alicante) Spain; Phone: +34 965 43 56 99 – Fax +34 965 43 56 98; and e-mail:


I/we (*) inform you that I/we (*) terminate our sales contract for the following product/service (*)

– Ordered on / received on (*)
– Name of the buyer(s) and user(s)
– Address of the buyer(s) and user(s)
– Signature of the buyer(s) and user(s) (Only if this form will be submitted on paper)
– Date
(*) Cross out the item that does not apply.

Return: A product can be returned to the sender if it does not comply with the specifications stated on the label, if it is defective or if the product received is not the requested item. Within 10 business days (Monday through Friday, except bank holidays) after the product is received, the customer must contact YOKONO, S.L. via e-mail at [email protected], explaining the reasons for the return (including a photo if necessary) and requesting the corresponding authorisation number. YOKONO, S.L. will contact the customer, usually through the same medium, to inform them of the procedure for the refund and that it will be reimbursed using the same method as the initial payment. In this case, YOKONO, S.L. will cover the shipping and pick-up fees.

Exchanges: If the product received is defective, the customer should submit a request and the original invoice to YOKONO, S.L., who will in turn analyse the defects closely. If it is deemed that the defect is not due to a manufacturing issue but rather to abusive or inappropriate use of the product and that a refund does not apply, the customer will be notified within a reasonable time frame so they may pick up the product within the next 30 days from the warehouse or have it shipped cash on delivery (COD). On the other hand, if the defect is due to a manufacturing issue, YOKONO will send an identical item to the same address as the initial shipment (unless a different address is provided), at no cost to the buyer. If an identical item is not available, YOKONO will contact the buyer and offer the option of a different item or reimburse the amount paid, including the shipping fees.

Transaction file

The transactions that take place between YOKONO and the customer will be stored accordingly and can be accessed over the period of one year by submitting a request via e-mail or by clicking on the “My Orders” link located in your user account.

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